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The balls in the online bingo draw will thrill you as they fall!

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Play bingo for free

You’re not dreaming, you can play free online bingo on this site and win great prizes at the same time. Registration is free and so is access to the bingo games.

75 et 90 boules

Bingo games with 75 or 90 balls

On the site you’ll find all the versions of bingo, with 75 or 90 balls, as well as country lotto.

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Lots of jackpots to win

Internet bingo is not just a virtual game, it also offers you the chance to win a number of jackpots. Don’t miss out on your chance!

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Online Bingo: the pleasure of playing, the pleasure of winning!

What is online bingo?

Playing online bingo on the internet is much more fun than playing bingo in a bingo hall. Forget your paper cards and plastic chips and discover the fun of online bingo.

The game is the same whether played in a bingo hall or online. You choose the cards virtually and the balls, which are drawn randomly, are displayed on your computer screen. The biggest difference between the two variants of the game is the prizes. In an indoor bingo game, you win small prizes; on the internet, you win cash or large prizes (household appliances, computer, tablet, etc.).

Finally a free bingo site

Test the different bingo games and play for free in the bingo halls thanks to BingoFr. You’re going to love playing the bingo lotto game without taking out your bank card. A fun & free game

Play bingo whenever you want!

One of the many benefits of internet bingo is that you can play the game at any time of day, there are always people playing in online bingo halls. You can arrange for your friends to play with you in the same game.

Bingo news on the internet and in the hall

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Jackpot to be won
Take your chance

1000 pounds to be won

Make a full card or just one line and win up to €1,000.

Spin the wheel of luck

If you’re a new player, you can win lots of prizes with the wheel of chance.

Mystery box bingo

Choose the right box and win a cash prize!

King/Queen of chat

Become the King or Queen of the chat room and gain access to the VIP bingo room.

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Frequently asked questions

We answer all your bingo questions

Can I register and play at this bingo site?

Yes, but you have to be over 18 and you have to be in a country that authorises this type of internet gaming.

Is Online Bingo serious about paying players?

Yes, Online Bingo is a serious site that pays out players’ winnings. The OneStop Gaming N.V Limited company that runs this site is registered in Curaçao and regulated through the Curaçao Gaming Authority, which granted it a gaming license on 17 October 2012.

Is it possible to play bingo at night?

Of course you can! You’ll find bingo players all day long, whether it’s 3pm or 3am. As well as being able to play whenever you like, you can also play from your bed, as the site is ‘responsive’, meaning that it is suitable for computers as well as smartphones and digital tablets.

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